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A Life-Changing Resource

“How much does an abortion cost without insurance??” was the message Annie* left on an online form. As quickly as Annie submitted the form, an alert “ding” notified the scheduler at our clinic that a woman needed help. Immediately, a phone call was placed to Annie to schedule an appointment so she could receive necessary, critical information before any decisions were made to abort the baby. Annie understood that there would be no abortions performed and no abortion referrals given during any appointments at our St. Joseph clinic. She also understood, though, that she lacked information. When Annie arrived... read more

. . . We Would Have Made a Horrible Mistake

What do you do when you’re faced with a life-altering decision, and you know what you would like to do—what you should do—but you just cannot rally the support in your favor? Conflict will inevitably occur even in the best relationships, but toss an unplanned pregnancy on the fire, and sparks may fly! A woman may know in her heart she should carry her baby, however, it’s often difficult to make her case, and she may succumb to pressure that’s being put on her by those around her including the father of the baby. That’s where St. Joseph’s own... read more

I’ll Go First…

Sometimes, telling your story is hard. It contains secrets that can expose the ugly side of you… the ones you keep hidden because they contain bad decisions, regrets, and even murder. Telling your story can mean “ugly cry” moments, fear, shame, embarrassment, guilt, anger, and the list goes on, but you need to tell your story. Why? Because secrets kill. Secrets are the land mines of our lives. They change the filters through which we live and rarely stay small. They grow and let fear, doubt, guilt, and self-loathing seep into our lives. They are inevitable sources of destruction... read more

What More Can We in Pro-Life Do?

What is Planned Parenthood Celebrating? Planned Parenthood dates their beginning to Margaret Sanger’s first birth control clinic established in Brooklyn, N.Y., October of 1916. Therefore, they are celebrating 100 years this year. Just what is there to celebrate? Let’s take a look first from the perspective of Planned Parenthood and then from the perspective of pro-life. 1. Planned Parenthood is celebrating Margaret Sanger. Admittedly she exerted a very widespread influence in her lifetime (1879 – 1966). Let’s look at her achievements, radical quotes, and plans for the “race” to understand better the underpinnings of PP. Her plan for world... read more

Creating Dialogue About Abortion

by Elizabeth Dean, D.O. Abortion has been legal since 1973. For more than 43 years, dedicated pro-lifers have been working against abortion, believing this legal procedure is immoral. That is a long time. We would like to be effective in protecting the lives of the unborn by changing laws and by changing the minds of pro-choice individuals. What can we do to best effect change? Recently the staff at St. Joseph PRC looked at the pro-choice to pro-life conversion stories of physicians, nurses, ultra-sonographer, abortion clinic owner, and staff. Each person left the abortion industry for different reasons, related... read more

Answers to Pro-Choice Talking Points & Arguments

Pro-choice talking points and arguments are extensive, using many “what if’s”, careful semantics, and repetition to promote the acceptance of abortion. Even if we are not convinced to accept abortion, they will settle for our apathy. The pro-life message is simple. The unborn child is a human being, a human person, whose life should be protected. Pro-lifers can be prepared to see through the talking points and answer the arguments with gentleness and respect. Our job is to win hearts for life. We are all familiar with a talking point, especially in this highly political season. It is a... read more

Is Abortion Needed to Save the Life of the Mother?

-Elizabeth Dean, D.O. “Hard cases make bad law,” an old legal saying, describes the process by which the United States has found itself with abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Hard cases, for the abortion controversies, include the life or health of the mother, rape, and incest.  Historically, when abortion laws began to be liberalized, protecting the life of the mother was usually included in the justification. Worldwide today, in countries where abortion is prohibited, many include the mother’s life as an exception for which abortion is permitted. In the United States as of 2012 this... read more

Timeline to Abortion

Margaret Sanger in the Early 1900’s The issues surrounding birth control measures has involved legal decisions and laws dating back to the 16th century worldwide. Early legislators struggled to define the legality of abortion before and after quickening, when the mother starts to feel fetal movements. In the United States, from 1820 to 1900, most abortions were outlawed, primarily through the efforts of the American Medical Association physicians. In 1916 Margaret Sanger, her sister Ethel Byrne, and Fonia Mindell opened the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y. They distributed birth control, including also advice and information. All three... read more

Abortion Doesn’t Stop with Planned Parenthood’s End

  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke   Buzz words for the month of July 2015 will go down in history as: Planned Parenthood and Evil. Those words are pretty much interchangeable to anyone who believes in protecting the unborn, right? So we’ve established that: Planned Parenthood reflects Satan’s stronghold on our society. Pro-lifers know it. In fact, people working in the pro-life movement have suspected these despicable actions have gone on for years. Now we just have graphic viral videos 1,2, and 3 to prove it and... read more