Be in the Business of Saving Lives

Every business understands the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to make your goal a reality. Our goal at the St. Joseph PRC is to save lives:  the lives of men and women who need hope and the lives of unborn children who have yet to make their impact on this world. Your business can partner with our staff to be pro life in Missouri by donating time or services or resources to complete a project. Dedicate your business to saving lives!

Business Support St Joe Pregnancy Resource Clinic

Ways to Partner with the St. Joseph PRC

Sponsor an event to help St Joe pRC

Sponsor an Event

You can showcase your business and highlight your corporate commitment to giving back to your community.  Your business’ participation in events will promote your business while helping to save lives!  Find out more about our current events.

Contribute In-Kind Services

Your contribution can free up much needed funds to the St. Joseph PRC to purchase life-saving items, such as medical supplies and client resources. From general maintenance to legal counsel, there are many needs your business can help us meet. Contact us to contribute your business’ professional services and be a part of saving lives and being pro life in Missouri.

In-Kind Donations to help St Joe PRC
Donate to help St Joe PRC

Donate or Raise Funds

St. Joseph PRC depends on financial support from individuals, as well as businesses, in our community. Support our ministry through a financial donation or by helping plan a Baby Bottle Drive. Our golf tournament, benefit dinner and other fundraising events provide local businesses the opportunity to promote life in our St. Joseph community!

Match Employee Contributions

Your business can double or triple the impact of generous gifts of your employees by implementing an employee matching program for the St. Joseph PRC.

Employee Matching Programs at St Joseph PRC