Happy Re-New Year!

New year, fresh page, lofty goals—each new year people love to reset . . . start over, but if you will indulge me a moment, a new year also gives us a chance to reflect the past year so we can strive towards excellence in the future. Three reflections: Good things happened in the Missouri legislature, the clinic saw the “right” women, and the abortion culture is getting darker.


Missouri Legislature
The pro-life lawmakers in Missouri passed many great pieces of legislation in 2019, including a Heartbeat Bill (making abortion illegal after eight weeks—this law has not yet gone into effect), the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and an expansion in tax credits to pregnancy resource centers (which will go into effect in the future). These are just three highlights. For a complete list of pro-life legislation, go the Missouri Right to Life website, missourilife.org and click on the Legislation tab.


The Clinic Saw the “Right” Women
In the clinic there were 115 women who had positive pregnancy tests in 2019. We are still awaiting decisions for some of these women, but at last contact, at least 71 have stated they will have, or have had, their babies. This compares to only 29 women who said they would carry when they first arrived at the clinic. Of those women who said they would carry their baby, several were looking at adoption; but the other women had changed their mind about abortion by the time they arrived for their first appointment. As you can see by these numbers, the clinic saw the “right” women.


The Abortion Culture is Getting Darker
It’s no surprise that the abortion culture is getting darker. With the introduction of RU486 (the abortion pill), getting rid of another human life has been reduced to getting rid of a headache. Take a pill, and your headache will go away. This has brought challenges to pregnancy resource clinics all across the country. Even though the abortion pill is now being recognized as more dangerous than a surgical abortion, the allure of taking a pill is very “attractive” to women who want a quick fix to their “problem.” It doesn’t help that the pro-abortion giants are very well funded, bold, and loud. We have seen some states make very offensive moves toward the unborn child. As if that wasn’t bad enough, these same states have gone on to celebrate the wickedness of their ways, proving again, that the abortion culture is a dark place.

Time for those of us on the pro-life front to renew— renew our prayer life, coming boldly before the throne of grace; renew our dedication to the unborn child; renew our promise to treat every woman in a crisis pregnancy with respect; renew our resolve to never give up, even if we are tired of being sad; renew our faith in God, for all things are possible with God! So to all our friends and supporters, Happy Re-New Year! There’s much work to be done.

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