Our Hope and Future – Reviving the Sanctity of Life Worldview

Sometimes youth get a bad rap, but we can’t lump them all into one “no-good, no-hope” pile and wring our hands. There are excellent examples of young people in each generation who truly want to make a difference for the glory of God. Furthermore, when young people learn the truth about the issues of the day, many of them actually want to take action. This is true when it comes to the topic of abortion.
Moved by the video trailer of the movie “Unplanned,” Grace Voga immediately decided to do something. She decided to ask her friends, of all ages, to support and make a contribution to the St. Joseph PRC. Ultimately, Grace collected over $130 in donations to go toward the work of helping women in crisis pregnancies choose life. Grace said that she is pro-life because God speaks to this issue in His Word, and “it’s a life from conception.”

And Grace isn’t the only student showing an interest in the pro-life movement this summer. Hope Fellowship and Copeland Baptist Church both took missions’ offerings for the St. Joseph PRC during their Vacation Bible School activities. The combined total from both churches amounted to over $588!
First Baptist Church of Stewartsville collected baby-care items for their VBS. In fact, the local Dollar General wanted to know what was going on! The children of that community practically depleted the store of all the baby items they had!
Young men have helped by loading heavy equipment into a U-Haul so it can be taken to Cameron. Other groups have counted and cleaned baby bottles. Several teenagers have picked up trash on the grounds. These are just a few examples of how young people have been a part of serving the St. Joseph PRC.
A college freshman recently approached a staff member, asking, “How can I help? How can I be involved? What needs to be done?” The reply: “What are you thinking? Painting? Changing light bulbs?” His passionate response was, “I don’t know. All I know is abortion is terrible, and I want to help somehow!”
Yes, the pro-life youth of these communities are alive and well, and we “older” people have reason to feel hopeful. There is a whole new generation of youngsters who will stand up for all life, born and unborn. Teach them early to value life, to see life from the very beginning, as God does, and we believe we’ll be witnessing a revival in a worldview that upholds the sanctity of life!

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