Medical Services

The St. Joseph PRC provides medical services to abortion-minded women in the community. The Clinic provides pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds and STD testing with medical professionals while being assisted by a Patient Advocate throughout their appointment. Because of these services, the St. Joseph PRC is able to save lives and provide hope to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

free medical services for pregnant women at St Joe PRC

“It was because of the people here that I didn't have my abortion. You know what it is like - certain people are like a light. You just want to be around them. They actually care - it's like there's hope.” - Daisy

Pregnancy Options

When a woman comes to the St. Joseph PRC, she is met by a patient advocate who provides her with factual information regarding her pregnancy options. Patient advocates provide assistance to women as they go through their appointment, from pregnancy testing to ultrasounds, to help her to understand the information being presented to her and provide her with options.

pregnancy options
free pregnancy test

Pregnancy Testing

When women are experiencing signs of an unplanned pregnancy, they can make an appointment at the St. Joseph PRC for  a pregnancy test at no cost to them. The pregnancy tests that we offer are medical quality and are 99% accurate. If women find they are pregnant, our patient advocates assist them with determining their pregnancy options and provide information on resources available to them.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

If a woman finds that she is pregnant after her testing, she is provided with an appointment for a limited ultrasound at no cost to her. Limited ultrasounds provide information on the baby’s gestational age and the viability of the pregnancy. Knowing the gestational age and viability allows the patient advocate to provide factual information about pregnancy options to the woman.

free ultrasound
STD testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

STD Testing

The St. Joseph PRC provides STD testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea for women considering abortion. STDs, if present during an abortion, can increase a woman’s chances of certain health risks, such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). If a woman tests positive for either STD, the clinic provides a referral to a local physician for treatment.

How Can I Get Involved?

St. Joseph PRC provides these services to women in the community free of charge. Your donations provides our ministry with a way to purchase the pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and medical supplies needed for the clinic to assist women in our community. Medical personnel, such as Registered Nurses, Sonographers, and Nurse Practitioners are needed to volunteer to provide additional appointment times at the clinic to serve women. Patient advocates to provide options to women regarding their pregnancy. Physicians are also needed to provide treatment for women who have positive STD results. Your financial and time donations save lives at our Clinic.