What More Can We in Pro-Life Do?

What is Planned Parenthood Celebrating?

Planned Parenthood dates their beginning to Margaret Sanger’s first birth control clinic established in Brooklyn, N.Y., October of 1916. Therefore, they are celebrating 100 years this year. Just what is there to celebrate? Let’s take a look first from the perspective of Planned Parenthood and then from the perspective of pro-life.

1. Planned Parenthood is celebrating Margaret Sanger.

Admittedly she exerted a very widespread influence in her lifetime (1879 – 1966). Let’s look at her achievements, radical quotes, and plans for the “race” to understand better the underpinnings of PP.

Her plan for world peace was to eliminate people with birth control, immigration restrictions, voluntary segregation, forced sterilization, and government regulation of family size.

She was a negative eugenist. The human race could be improved by limiting the reproduction of the “unfit.” A positive eugenist would improve the race by encouraging reproduction of the fit. She was an advocate of a proposal called the “American Baby Code,, writing “The results desired are obviously selective births.”

She believed that segregation and sterilization of the “unfit” was the highest priority of the state. She proposed allowing Congress to solve “population problems” by appointing a “Parliament of Population.”

She was a racist. In 1939 she wrote, “We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” She spoke to the women’s group of the Klu Klux Klan in 1926 resulting in dozens of speaking invitations to similar groups.

2. Planned Parenthood is celebrating abortion.

Recently PP CEO Cecile Richards said that she finds it “exciting” to hear women tell their abortion stories.

PP has aborted 7,218,400 lives since 1970.

In it’s 25-year plan, goal number 3 is “to secure passage of laws and policies, including state and federal constitutional amendments, that guarantee ‘reproductive freedom’ (abortion) for all.” Hillary Clinton supports abortion on demand and abortion funded by tax payers. She fully supports PP as she stated in the third debate.

It is the largest provider of abortion in the U.S.

While the estimated number of annual surgical abortions in the U.S. Has declined markedly, PP numbers hold steady at 320,000 to 330,000 annually.

While the overall number of PP clinics went down from 2010 to 2016, the number of clinics performing surgical and/or medial abortions went up, from 35% to 56% of PP clinics.

Finally, more PP clinics are offering later abortions.

3. PP is celebrating income.

Taxpayers provide about 45% of its income, 1/2 billion dollars in 2012. Federal funding started in 1970.

HHS wants to force states to fund PP through Title X. (Community Health Service clinics outnumber PP 20:1 and provide a much wider range of services).

Abortion is a very expensive procedure in the range of $900. Twelve % of PP patients obtain an abortion.

4. Fetal body part sales

Procurement and sales of fetal body parts has been occurring in PP for about 15 years. In 2015 undercover videos exposed this activity. Stem Express contracted with PP. Both sides profited from the “products of conception” (baby livers, brains, hearts etc).

Since the videos were made public, Cecile Richards, CEO of PP, announced that they will “forgo reimbursement and only procure fetal tissue for research, not transplantation.”

5. PP celebrates educating and influencing children regarding sexuality from their worldview.

What is pro-life celebrating?

1. The number of surgical abortions annually in the U.S. is going down.

2. The number of PP clinics is declining.

In 1995 the number peaked to 938 currently down to around 668.

3. Many states are defunding PP.

4. There is a shift in opinion on abortion.

In 1995, 56% of the population was pro-choice and 33% pro-life. In 2009, 42% were pro-choice and 51% pro-life.

How is pro-life responding to the “100 year” celebration of PP?

1. A large coalition of pro-life groups have planned a series of activities outside of PP clinics.

2. A separate coalition of pro-life groups is launching a social media “100 Years of Abuse” campaign to expose PP’s target of children, abuse of women, and use of large amounts of taxpayer dollars.

3. 40 Days of Life is conducting a bus tour to all 50 states with speakers, fence ministries, and rallies planned.

What more can we in The Pro-life?

1. Support St. Joseph PRC with time, talents, and resources. Assist in obtaining funding for operations.

2. Pray for an end to the systematic killing of unborn babies.

3. Encourage pro-life activities in your church.

4. Participate in pro-life organizations.

5. Support post-abortive women and families. Reach out to abortion clinic workers.

6. Write pro-life items for the newspaper, church newsletter, other publications.

7. Speak to groups and individuals about pro-life. Invite speakers from PRC or other pro-life organizations for educational opportunities.

8. Read pro-life books. Encourage your church library to include pro-life offerings.

9. Provide positive, life-affirming education to children. Again, PRC can help.

10. Promote our local community health centers.

11. Support pro-life politically by your vote and your voice.

12. Tell people the truth about planned parenthood.

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