Support the St. Joseph PRC

Every week at the St. Joseph PRC, a woman comes through the doors looking for assistance and hope with an unplanned pregnancy. Every week, our staff provides medical services through pregnancy testing, STD testing, and limited ultrasounds in order to provide women with factual information regarding sexual health and pregnancy options. Every week, St. Joseph PRC is able to provide women with the hope of Christ.

There is one thing that makes every day possible at St. Joseph PRC:  you.  Your financial support allows our ministry to open their doors to women that need hope, support, and life.  Your support is a true gift to the women that need it most.  Consider a one-time donation or monthly support to allow us to continue its mission. You make a difference.

All donations are general, not for a specific use.

Legacy for Life

Will you leave a legacy for LIFE?  St. Joseph PRC has a Sweet Legacy Challenge to our supporters for the month of September.

Commit to being a first time donor, monthly donor or provide the Center with a planned giving commitment.  Leave your Legacy for LIFE at St. Joseph PRC.


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Property Donation

You have the opportunity to donate vehicles, such as trucks and farm equipment, and property, jewelry, collectibles and other high value, noncash items, to give LIFE!  St. Joseph PRC has partnered with Conag Auctions, so your item(s) will be picked up, auctioned, and funds donated.  The staff at St. Joseph PRC will help you through the process, so contact us today!

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