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Church partnerships promote the sanctity of life by showing the love of Christ to women in our community. Your congregation can fulfill the mission of Christ to love Him and their neighbor by providing hope and life to women in need.

Involvement Opportunities


Ensure your congregation is aware of St. Joseph PRC needs, events and service opportunities. Get information from our Facebook, website and tours to include in your bulletin and during announcements.


Your church can serve many ways at the St. Joseph PRC. Individuals or groups can commit to serve just a few hours each week or participate in service projects to help with general maintenance at the facility.


The St. Joseph PRC needs prayer partners to lift up our volunteers, staff and clients. Pray for the allowance of life and acceptance of forgiveness through Christ.

Refer Women in Need

Whether she is facing an unplanned pregnancy or seeking counsel for a past abortion, the St. Joseph PRC is here to help. The Clinic will show her love, forgiveness and freedom found in Christ to help her with what she is facing.

Invite a Speaker

St. Joseph PRC would like to be a part of your church service or small group. We believe that every human life is a gift from God and would like to share about our ministry. The Clinic can provide materials or information, as well as a speaker to outline our work.

35Church Partners



Your congregation can supply the funding for St. Joseph PRC to provide critical information through classes and no-cost crisis pregnancy appointments. Whether a monthly contribution or one-time gift, your donation to this local mission helps women make life-affirming decisions.

Introduce your church to the St. Joseph PRC by filling baby bottles, provided by us, with loose change, cash and checks. Prefer to use a card? We’re starting a new virtual option!

Baby Bottle Blessing Donation

Your church can support the St. Joseph PRC by being a sponsor for the Annual Banquet or the Annual Golf Tournament.