For Nothing is Impossible with God

Luke 1:37

Every December I imagine what it must have been like to be Mary. The Bible tells us that she was a virgin, so she was sexually pure. Gabriel, the angel, came to tell her she was going to be pregnant and give birth to the “Son of the Most High.” Since Mary was saving herself for Joseph, she asked, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?” Gabriel outlined to her how this would happen and finished it off by announcing, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

I would challenge those who are reading this to really take a few minutes and stand there in Mary’s shoes, because if you’re Mary and you’re just hearing all of this for the first time, it had to seem pretty farfetched. Yet very few women would have responded as Mary did (I include myself in that statement), for she spoke to Gabriel saying, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” In fact, most likely no other woman, at any other time or place, would’ve responded the way Mary did!

Be encouraged:  God is still doing the impossible! At the end of every clinic day, the staff and volunteers often feel a little hopeless wondering how God could possibly change the heart or circumstances of a woman choosing abortion. Yet, He does. When we slow down and reflect on God’s past faithfulness, we realize He is still the same God, and He is still changing hearts and circumstances. There is no reason to feel hopeless!

In the United States, it is estimated that the birth rate in 2020 will be down by about 500,000 births, largely due to Covid. Yet, in 2020, we have had the honor of serving 113 women in the clinic, all who were at the beginning of their “crisis.” (We are down about 15% from 2019.) Ninety-four percent of these women confided that abortion was a necessary option for them when they arrived for their first appointment at the clinic. Yes, you read that right, 94%. (Certainly you can see how it might be possible to feel discouraged with a statistic like that!)

Because nothing is impossible with God, instead of 94% of these women pursuing abortion, 52% are now continuing their pregnancies. We actually expect that number to rise. In December, three women have asked for, and are seriously considering, adoption instead of abortion. (That’s a big deal!) What changed? We’ve heard testimonies of how women were transformed during the ultrasound. Sometimes we’ve been told that their car “mysteriously” wouldn’t start so they were unable to get to their abortion appointment; or unbelievably, in one instance, a Planned Parenthood receptionist told a woman if she wanted an abortion, she would have to get a lawyer! Outrageous, right! These are not mere coincidences . . .

Surely, 2021 will be filled with seemingly impossible situations, but that’s not new. Make your New Year’s resolution now to become a faithful prayer partner! May we echo Mary’s words, “I am the Lord’s servant!” When we have prayed and done all that we can, we will see God at work, because with God, all things are possible! To Him be the glory!

Merry Christmas,

Lisa Isom

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