On March 2nd, the PRC classroom was filled with the sounds of laughter and fun as one of our graduated…


A Video from Us to You

 No matter who you are, you have value assigned to you by God. This truth is reaffirmed by our Sanctity…


Life is Sacred

 5-year-Old Cannon Hinnant spent his Sunday going to church, eating lunch out with his family and riding bikes with his…


An Unexpected Chapter in Life

Imagine it’s the end of summer and the cooler days of fall are in front of you. You can almost hear the crowds cheering at the football game and smell the bonfires. This will be your first year of college. You’ve left your home and traveled to a new community where you’re planning to spend the next four years. You arrive with everything you need to make your dorm room “home” for the school year. You daydream about all that this new-found independence means for you—no parents, no curfew, choices about what and when to eat, who to see and when to see them . . .