Missouri: The Only Abortion-Free State

In a time where news is often discouraging, we have word of a change that God deserves to be praised for… Missouri has recently become the only state where legal abortions are not being conducted!

The only remaining abortion clinic in the state, located in the St. Louis area, has not been performing abortions for several months and will not be booking appointments for the foreseeable future. Many suspect that the licensed clinic has opted to stop operating due to Missouri’s strict abortion laws.

PRC is encouraging Christians to take time to praise God for this development. We are quick to ask God for what we need and want to be just as quick to give Him the credit when He moves. 

Thank you God for working in the hearts of our lawmakers and for thwarting evil plans!

We also ask you to pray for our clinic as we look to empower women who desire abortions. The PRC is the alternative for such women who might consider having unregulated abortions or crossing state lines to find operating abortion clinics. We are thankful for the locations of our clinics in Northwest Missouri.  We hope to be the first stop for women in crisis pregnancies.

We ask you to pray further that the last abortion clinic in Missouri would be kept from operating again and would instead be shutdown for good with no replacement. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers. God’s graciousness in answered prayers has been proven repeatedly!

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