Get Involved

Your involvement to the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic is priceless.  You can serve in so many ways:  meeting with women on the frontlines to provide them with pregnancy options, helping with administrative tasks, assisting with maintenance or the grounds, or providing funds for life-saving services to continue.  Find a way to be a part of the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic.  Make a difference.


A financial investment as an individual, business, or church makes a significant impact at the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic.  Find out ways to donate to St. Joseph PRC:  material donations, volunteering your time, event sponsorships, and financial gifts.


Businesses’ and churches’ partnerships make a difference at the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic.  From providing in-kind services to sponsoring an event, your support is needed at the St. Joseph PRC.  Make an impact in your community by changing lives–reaching women, saving children, and giving hope.


Volunteers are critical to the ministry of the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic.  You have unique talents and gifts that can be used to save lives.  Giving your talents and time for only a few hours per week provides life-saving services to the community of St. Joseph.  Make a difference.