In the last newsletter, we highlighted our 2023 marketing efforts by talking about our new website for
the crisis pregnancy clinic. We are very excited about our mobile-friendly site that will help us reach
those “Gen Z” women who find themselves in a pregnancy they weren’t planning.

Another strategy we are engaged in is called a Google Ad. A Google Ad works like this: If you were to go
to the internet and “google,” “How do I fix a leaky faucet?” you might see a number of plumbers show
up on the first page. “Click” on the first one you see, and there’s a good possibility it was a Google Ad.
Explaining this in any detail is well beyond my ability to do so, but the way it works for the clinic is as
follows: A woman finds herself getting a positive pregnancy test, and she wasn’t expecting this. Her
mind races in a hundred different directions.

“How did I let this happen?”

“I can’t be pregnant! I already have too many kids!”

“I start a new job tomorrow!”

“My family will be so disappointed!”

“My marriage will be over!”

“I’m too young!”

“I’m too old!”

Then, she remembers that she’s heard about this pill that can end a pregnancy. She grabs her phone and
types, “abortion pill in St. Joseph Missouri,” and up pops a search result for abortion pill information.
When she clicks on it, she is taken to a landing page for our clinic. She is able to directly make an
appointment or fill out a brief online form, and someone will contact her immediately. So far, this has
proven to be an effective way for women to find us. We have three different landing pages:

  1. Abortion information
  2. Abortion pill information
  3. Unplanned pregnancy

Remember, we don’t perform or refer for abortions, but we are well-trained in equipping women with
the critical information she needs in order to make a life-affirming choice—but we can’t give her the
critical information she needs unless she can find us.

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