Meet Hannah Allen – a PRC Mom

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When Hannah became pregnant with her first child, she heard about the St. Joseph PRC from her husband’s grandmother, who was involved with the PRC through her church. While Hannah wanted to connect, her work conflicted with the class times. 

As time passed and she had a six-month-old baby, Hannah discovered there was another blessing on the way. She then saw a PRC Facebook advertisement and decided to connect.

Hannah attended the My Baby and Me Prenatal Parenting Classes where she said she learned a lot and became part of a caring community. 

“The relationships were the biggest thing,” Hannah said. 

She explained that the teachers were like mentors to her as they cared about her and her family. She also developed lasting relationships with the mothers from her class and will still reach out to them when she has questions.

On top of developing relationships, the PRC helped supply items that Hannah needed. She explained that having two children so close in age was unexpected and stressful financially.  

“It was nice to have both the support and community and then also the resources,” Hannah said.

We’re extremely thankful to our donors that we could invite Hannah into our community. Thank you for making these relationships possible!

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